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It’d be really great if our appliances could last forever, but most of us know that isn’t going to happen. And just like your other appliances, air conditioners won’t last forever. When yours starts to get a little long in the tooth, it might be time to invest in a replacement. That being said, replacement isn’t always the answer in certain situations. Sometimes it’s OK to see if you can earn yourself another two or three seasons with repairs.

Regardless of what path you choose – you should never ignore signs of air conditioner distress and you most certainly shouldn’t go about diagnosing the problem on your own. The best you can do is recognize the signs of problems and know how to specifically act when they occur.

Here are three signs you need to get your AC unit serviced soon. Let’s jump right in!

An aging system
Aging air conditioners and aging professional fighters have a lot in common when it comes to putting skills on display that demonstrate how quickly they’re moving down the downslope of their lifespans. Injuries pile up more frequently; they have to expend more energy to get less of a result than they did when they were in their prime and unfortunately for their owners/managers – can become significant money pits if allowed to fight on too long.

Your typical AC unit should last around 10-15 years, but don’t push it past that too much. But if you notice frequent ‘non-normal’ functionality from your AC unit – it’s time to give us a call to see if it’s worth fixing or buying a new one.

Frequent noise
Nearly every air conditioner of the past 15 years has been designed to operate as quietly as possible. If it’s getting loud, then something is up and you need to call us immediately. Especially if it’s grinding or clanging, something could be seriously wrong. Do not hesitate.

Rising utility bills
Are you noticing that your utility bills are taking a big jump? Then it’s time to call in a pro. But before you even get to this point, you should be sure that you’re getting ongoing maintenance on your unit. Systems that are well maintained retain about 95% of their energy efficiency rating throughout their service life.

That being said – rising utility bills also might be a sign of something else – like faulty ductwork or a malfunctioning thermostat or even something more serious. So when you notice that your utility bills are making an abnormal jump, it’s good to call in a pro just in case.

The main thing when getting any service or repair – is to way the cost vs the actual benefit. We tell our customers that *too much* is usually half of what a new system/unit would be worth. When that happens – it’s probably best to replace the system altogether.

Good luck and if anything happens – give us a call!

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