Beating allergies by improving your indoor air quality

While Spring has sprung and in some places Summer is beginning to take hold, the warmer weather can really put a pounding on your sinuses. If you’re like some people, you might be experiencing seasonal allergies – and while it’s important to make sure you’re on the right medications, it’s also a good idea to make sure your indoor air quality is as high as possible.

Air quality – as much as temperature – can impact your overall comfort and health. Dirty air can be filled with all sorts of contaminants that endlessly cycle through the air and ultimately end up making your allergy symptoms even worse. Here are some ways to boost your indoor air quality and beat allergy season. Let’s jump right in!

Insulate your home

Whenever people think of air quality, they usually think about filters, technology and the like – but they routinely misread the basics. Simply put – if your home is not properly insulated, it’ll be very difficult to control the quality of your air. Yes – insulation keeps things INSIDE, but it also helps keep other things OUTSIDE. Make sure your home is sealed properly.

Get one of these:

An air filter – not the filter that comes with your AC unit – but rather a standing one or one that can serve as an extension and provide you with high-grade, whole-house cleaning.
A dehumidifier – If there’s anything that sums up life in Florida sometimes- it’s the word ‘humidity’. Get a humidifier to help bring down the excess levels of humidity to not only make things more comfortable, but also lessen the risk of baddies circulating through the air.

An air purifier – Purifiers help get rid of viruses, bacteria and other gross stuff that makes its home in your ductwork. You can also purchase UV purifiers which use ultraviolet light to eliminate air quality problems. If you want ultra-pure air – this is the way to go.

Get your ducts cleaned
The fastest way to boost your indoor air quality is simply to get your ducts cleaned. Most air conditioning companies like ours in Largo, FL offer ongoing maintenance plans and can help build this service into a more all-encompassing service package OR they can simply come to your home for a one-off. Either way, it’s important to get your duct work cleaned so you reduce the risk of getting sick.

If you are struggling with the overall quality of your air, give us a call and we can come do a free walkthrough and consultation. Good luck!

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