Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Heat System

Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Heat System

If you are shopping for a new heating and cooling system for you Dunedin home, consider a hybrid heat system. Despite the name, these systems will deliver energy-efficient cooling in the summertime and comfortable warmth during the cool Florida winter.

What Is a Hybrid Heat System?

Four primary parts make up a hybrid heat system:

  • A heat pump that sits outdoors and runs on electricity
  • The furnace, which is placed indoors and runs on a fossil fuel source
  • The coil, which is located on top of the furnace;
  • And refrigerant lines, connecting the coil and heat pump.

The heat pump grabs heat from the outdoor air, compresses, and transfers it via the refrigerant lines to the coil. The hot coil warms the air passing over it. Cooler temperatures are transferred away through the refrigerant line to the heat pump to continue the cycle. When the heat pump cannot generate sufficient heat, the furnace will switch on to generate heat.

For air conditioning, refrigerant reverses direction. The warmth from the indoor air is transferred to the heat pump where it is released outdoors returning cooler temperatures to the coil. As warm air passes over the cold coil, it is cooled and leaves moisture behind, decreasing indoor humidity.

CÔr WiFi Thermostat and Your Hybrid System

The CÔr WiFi Thermostat is designed to work seamlessly with Carrier Infinity Hybrid Heat products, creating a fully communicative comfort system for your home. However, it is compatible with other hybrid heating systems and will manage your system to gain the most energy and cost savings possible.

These smart thermostats use a WiFi Internet connection to receive weather data to make automated adjustments to your home’s comfort system. The thermostat is programmable to change the temperature throughout the day to reduce wasteful heating or cooling of an empty house. Plus, its controls are accessible using a smart phone app to make remote changes and check energy usage reports.

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