Why the spring is the best time to sign up for ongoing maintenance for your air conditioner

Why the spring is the best time to sign up for ongoing maintenance for your air conditioner

While it seems like we just got done with the cold season, here we are in April looking forward to peak air conditioning time. The average household uses their air conditioner the most in the late spring and early summer. As such, it’ll incur all the usual wear and tear that air conditioners take on over the course of those peak-usage months.

While we’d love to paint a friendlier picture for you, Murphy’s Law has a tendency of always peaking up its head when it comes to air conditioner maintenance. When something goes wrong – then usually everything that can go wrong, does. And when you let your air conditioner sit for too long without getting a checkup, things go wrong!

Not only will getting your air conditioner serviced in the Spring time translate into fewer headaches – but it will also insure that your unit is working as smoothly and as cost effectively as possible. Here are some of the reasons you should be consider Air Conditioning in the Spring time. Let’s jump right in!

Reducing your energy costs

When something isn’t working correctly in an AC unit, then the rest of the system will tend to compensate for the thing that isn’t working. This means that more often than not – your AC will have to use twice the energy or more to produce half the result or less. Staying ahead of problems makes sure everything inside your AC unit is working as it should. And when everything is working as it should, you can significant money. How much, exactly? Usually about 10-20% on your utility bills, alone.

Extending the unit’s life

If you conduct bi-annual maintenance on your air conditioner, then you will (on average) increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit by 30-50% and nearly doubling your money. In addition to the near 25% in energy savings, you’re looking a lot less money being thrown into your air conditioning unit and more going into your pocket.

Extending your warranty

Having someone do things as simple as changing filters and maintaining records can actually help you maintain your warranty. Many companies – particularly if they see no maintenance is being done on the unit – will try to cancel the warranty after a year or so. They’ll certainly try to do so if the unit wasn’t installed right, if off-brand replacement parts are used, etc.

Most maintenance pros have multiple certifications for multiple companies and can maintain your system effectively. That means, if you experience total system failure, you’re covered.

Avoid costly repairs

The fundamental purpose of any ongoing maintenance plan is to make sure that you spend a little money up front to avoid spending a ton on the back end if something goes catastrophically wrong. It can not only be inconvenient, but it can also be flat-out dangerous to go without air conditioners in climates like ours for long periods of time – particularly for elderly people. Don’t let the worst happen to you!

If you’re interested in signing up for an ongoing maintenance plan, then give us a call today and we’ll give you a free consultation! Good luck!