Why getting your ducts maintained is so important

Why getting your ducts maintained is so important

Air ducts exist to help distribute clean air throughout your home – and do so at the correct temperature. Most of today’s systems have filters that help clean the air and circulate it throughout a house.

In spite of that, however – some grime and gunk still manages to wiggle its way through and will often make a semi-permanent home in your system’s air ducts. When this is left uncleaned for too long, it can spring a whole rash of problems on an unsuspecting home owner – including mold, pests and the like.

Air duct cleaning is an essential component of any HVAC maintenance plan and as such – it’s our topic of the day. Here’s why you need to get your ducts cleaned regularly and what the benefits can be. Let’s jump right in!


Mold presents itself in a whole myriad of ways, but you’ll most likely smell it before you see it. Just the existence of mold almost always means there’s moisture in the ductwork and that you’ll have to check for leaks and other breaches. That moisture can also damage the insulation of the ducts as well – making it double trouble. This can lead to severe issues with your air quality and should be addressed immediately. Keeping your ducts maintained will significantly reduce the risk of having to deal with it.

Malfunctioning dampers

Dampers are basically the HVAC equivalent of taps in plumbing. They control air flow, how much of it flows through, and where it goes. When too much dust builds up and accumulates, they might not respond to the thermostat. Making sure your dampers are cleaned and dusted consistently will not only improve the air quality, but also the overall flow and temperature of your room. In addition, when the damper is partially blocked, it makes it more difficult for a room to heat up or cool down, which means more work for your system and more money on your energy bill.


If you find any evidence of vermin in your ductwork, then it’s time to get them removed by a pro immediately. Vermin get into your system usually through leaks or holes in the ducts themselves, so it’s likely that if pests are in the system, that you’ll have other repairs that need to be made as well. Again though – be sure to get this done immediately. Pests can have a catastrophic effect on HVAC systems.

Reduced efficiency

We mentioned this in the second tip, but whenever your ducts have obstructions or leaks – regardless of what is causing them – your HVAC system has to work overtime to do its job. Working overtime means using more energy and using more energy almost always comes at a greater cost and will inevitably show up on your energy bill. And you’d be surprised at how fast those costs can rise and how much money you could be possibly paying out.

Keeping up on your duct work can ultimately save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches – but also potential health issues as well. It’s better to find a problem early on and have it not become an issue  than to have a problem linger and become costly. If you need duct work, feel free to give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation.