What to do before you crank up your AC

What to do before you crank up your AC

As it begins to get progressively hotter outside as we head into spring, some of you will be thinking about cranking up your air conditioner again. That being said – there are going to be some things you’ll want to do before you start cranking that cold air.

Now is the best time to start to look for any problems or areas of your system that might need maintenance. By checking your system now, you can get out ahead of any issues that might suddenly peak their head up on that hugely hot day where the last thing you want to deal with is air conditioning issues.

Here are some things you can do to visually and physically inspect your system before you turn it on. Let’s jump right in.

Check your filter

Dirty air is the worst and can also cause your AC to work overtime. AN AC that works overtime means a larger bill at the end of the month and added wear and tear your system and you can’t afford. Make sure you change your filters out (this can be done inexpensively) before you crank up your system.

Check your ductwork

Most of the time when we encounter inefficiencies in an HVAC system – it’s the ductwork that is the primary culprit. Sometimes it’s clogs, sometimes it’s a leak, but whatever it is – it leads to cooling loss and inefficiency in your home. Take a quick walk through and look for any areas where there might be separation and check the airflow to make sure it feels like everything is coming out normal.

Remove blockages from vents

Take a walk through your home and try to identify and remove any potential obstructions from the front of vents. Not only is it important to make sure vents aren’t blocked, but that the circulation isn’t blocked, either. Poor circulation can lead to an HVAC system working overtime and decreased air quality throughout your home.

Check your thermostat

Today’s thermostats are better than ever and for a small investment, you can get one that will keep your home exactly the way you want it to and save a ton of money in the process. Take a good hard look at yours and if it seems like it might be time for an upgrade, start looking into one.


And last but not least, be sure to put yourself on a monthly maintenance plan. The best thing you can do is to have a pro keep an eye on your system over a sustained period of time. Costly problems aren’t avoided entirely, but the chances of having to deal with them go down drastically. Give it a try! For a free consultation, feel free to give us a call!