How UV Lights In Wesley Chapel Improve Indoor Air Quality

How UV Lights In Wesley Chapel Improve Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights are excellent when used in conjunction with your HVAC system to increase your indoor air quality. UV lights are designed to combat mold, viruses and other biological contaminants that can improve indoor air quality in your home and have a positive impact on your family’s health and well being.

Although your HVAC air filter does an admirable job sifting out inorganic pollutants, biological matter may slip into the cooling and heating system and pose a health threat. Mold and fungus spores are examples of natural contaminants that are small enough to pass through the air filter and enter the HVAC duct system.  This is not only unhealthy, but will cause trouble for your HVAC system’s performance.

How UV Lights Work

UV lights use small amounts of ultraviolet radiation to disable and destroy biological contaminants on the molecular level. This UV radiation penetrates the cell walls of viruses, bacteria and other organic airborne pollutants, destroying their ability to grow and reproduce.

UV Lights Eliminate Biological Pollutants

When installed over the evaporator coils, UV lights can prevent the uncontrolled mold growth that could occur within the dark, damp confines of an HVAC system. These lights can also be installed ahead of the HVAC unit within the air return, allowing them to neutralize germs and other organic contaminants before they enter the system itself.

When combined with other air filtration methods, UV lights can improve your home’s indoor air quality by removing the dangerous contaminants that contribute to allergies and other symptoms. These lights also help improve the performance of your HVAC system by preventing mold growth on critical system components.

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