Three sounds you never want to hear an air conditioner make

In places like Clearwater, Florida, air conditioners really go through the ringer and end up experiencing a lot of wear and tear as time goes on. As such, we’re a little more prone to AC wear and tear here than we would be in other areas of the country.

We’re also more dependent on AC – and a few days going without can be miserable. Because of that, it’s essential that we are constantly maintaining our AC systems and insuring that they’re in tip, top working condition at all times. Unfortunately, even when you do go out of your way to maintain your air conditioner, bad things can still happen.

Here are a few noises no homeowner wants to hear and what you need to do if you hear them. Let’s jump right in!


If your AC unit is making a loud grinding sound, then it’s probably an issue with the air handler. It’s usually a problem with the bearings in the handler itself, as they’ve likely worn down over time and are creating excessive friction on the motor.

This is a significant repair that needs to be done immediately to avoid killing your AC unit altogether. Bearings need to be replaced before the unit overheats and burns out.


If your unit is making a sound like a leaking tire then it’s probably because you’ve got a refrigerant leak. This is problematic because the lower your refrigerant level, the lower your system’s output capacity becomes.

At a point, the refrigerant will be so low that the AC unit will simply shut down. Be sure to call for repairs immediately. Not only is this an issue for your unit’s functionality, but also certain kinds of refrigerant can be dangerous and shouldn’t be touched.


Short cycling is an issue where the air conditioner is turning on and off every few minutes. It’s a fairly common problem – but one that could be caused by several issues – from simple electrical malfunctions to compressors not working. Whatever the cause, it’s important to get it fixed soon.

Not only is short-cycling an issue in terms of cooling your home, but also it’ll dramatically increase the rate at which your system wears down. Prolonged short cycling can cause a breakdown faster and shorten the lifespan of you unit.

As homeowners, we never want bad things to happen – but inevitably they do and will. At the end of the day, if your cooling system is making noises like the ones listed above, it’s time to get help immediately. If you find yourself needing significant repairs, give us a call today. Good luck!

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