The way to a warmer winter

The way to a warmer winter

As the cold weather finally settles in and we look forward to the meat of winter, folks are looking for ways to stay warmer and pay less. While that’s easier said than done most of the time, there are some things you can do to help keep the temperature up and the cost down.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the things you can do to ensure a warmer winter without throwing too much chill towards your wallet. Let’s jump right in!


Check the spaces between

One thing we always encounter is that people waste the most heat when they have drafty homes. Drafty homes are usually caused by older windows, lack of weather stripping and the like. Right now’s a good time to check the caulk and weather stripping around your doors and windows. The Department of Energy says you should do this once a year to avoid issues with warm air escaping. There’s also an air quality benefit to doing this as well – as you avoid moisture and water getting trapped in these spaces and eventually turning into mold.

Odds and ends around the house

You’d be surprised at how many little, borderline non-issues can add up in combination and end up costing you money when it comes to your HVAC system. Things like your curtains blocking vents can actually add up. No, it’s not a safety hazard, but when curtains block vents, sometimes your system will work harder or not enough to produce the right amount of heat for that given space.

In fact, there are a lot of little issues that might seem like nothing, but can be an issue, including furniture blocking vents, making sure fireplace flues are closed when they’re not being used and being sure your air filter is changed out. Being a little more conscious of your surroundings can save you a hefty hunk of change in the long run.

Add some thickness to your space

Believe it or not – things like curtains and rugs can serve as insulation, in a way. Especially with regards to curtains – you can now purchase thermal versions of them – which are designed to keep both warm and cold air in where it’s supposed to be. Regardless of what you choose – both can serve as mini layers and will help you insulate and maintain more of your heat.

Getting your checkup

It’s important to make sure your furnace gets a tune up every year by an HVAC pro. This way, your unit will not only work in tip-top shape; but you’ll also be able to identify inefficiencies and potential problems before they begin to seriously affect you. HVAC systems are great, but they can be fickle sometimes and a small tweak here and there – can make a significant difference.


Stick to these tips and we promise – you’ll have a warmer and wealthier winter! Good luck and stay warm!