The three most expensive HVAC repairs and how to avoid them

The three most expensive HVAC repairs and how to avoid them

We were cruising around the internet the other night and stumbled across this interesting piece on Fox News about the most expensive home repairs and what folks can do to avoid them and thought it’d make some good content for you guys to mull over this week.

In that article, there’s some really good stuff – particularly about full-blown furnace and AC system replacements – but we decided to take it a little further and talk about some of the more cataclysmic repairs we run across or simply just things you should totally avoid yourself and call us to have come and do.

This won’t be easy reading, but it’s necessary to know and understand. Let’s jump right in!

Condenser breakdowns

Long story, short – your AC is made up of two main parts. One part is called the condenser which releases heat outside through – you guessed it – condensation. Inside you’ll find the compressor, a blower fan, coils, motors and the like. Condensers tend to break down when debris gets inside or refrigerant begins to leak.

Because it’s such a complex part, it can take a long time to not only diagnose the problem, but also repair it. When you add in the complexity in with the time intensive labor that’s needed to fix it, costs can add up quickly.

Compressor Failure

Simply put – compressors transport refrigerant through your system and help get rid of heat and humidity. When things go bad, your whole system can be ruined. The worse news is that compressor issues can be caused by any number of things – dirty coils, incorrectly sized suction lines, blocked lines and the like.

When this happens, compressors tend to overheat, largely to being overworked. When it overheats, it breaks down and your air conditioner? It’s not working anymore. Fixing it can get pricey – and expect to pay over $1,000 in repair costs.

Now that being said – everything about compressor failure can be solved with a little preventative maintenance plan. Stay on the up and up on system maintenance and you’ll almost never have to think about this again.

Refrigerant Leaks

In order to cool air, air conditioners use coils. Inside the coils is a substance called refrigerant. When refrigerant levels go low, the air conditioner has to work overtime to keep your home cool. When a system is stressed over an extended period of time, it could possibly fail.

The issue with refrigerant leaks isn’t so much that they’re difficult to identify. But what is complicated is finding the leak, finding what caused it and then fixing it. That’s not even including the money you’ll have to pay to refill the refrigerant. When it all adds up – you can be looking at hundreds, if not thousands in repair.

We know we’ve mentioned it in the past, but we can’t stress it enough – preventative maintenance is key when it comes to avoiding a mess. And comparatively speaking, the cost is nothing compared to what you’ll pay if something goes wrong. Be careful and if you find something that’s gone horribly wrong, give us a call and we’ll be there for a free consultation.