Size Matters When Choosing an Air Conditioner

Size Matters When Choosing an Air Conditioner

It’s finally cooling down in Largo, Florida, but you know the cooler weather doesn’t last long in our area. You want to be sure that when the hot weather rolls around again, you are ready. If you need a new air conditioner, choosing the right unit for your home or office can be overwhelming. One important consideration is the size of the unit. By installing an air conditioner that is the right size, you will enjoy greater comfort and energy efficiency for years to come.

Choosing Your Air Conditioner

A bigger air conditioner does not provide more cooling. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration including:

  • Determining the square footage of the area to be cooled. If you are not sure how to do this, especially if the room has an irregular shape, it is best to contact your HVAC technician, who can help you to determine the heating and cooling load so that you can choose the unit with the right heating and cooling capacity.
  • The number of persons typically in the home or office is also very important. The more persons occupying a space at any given time, the greater the cooling load required.
  • You will also need to take into consideration the amount of shade or sunlight the area receives. If a room gets sunlight all day, the cooling load will be greater for that room.
  • The kind of activities will also affect the amount of cooling needed. A business that operates printing presses for example, will need more, or a different type of cooling in that area, than another area of the same size that simply houses administrative staff.
  • Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

    If your air conditioner is too large for the area to be cooled, you will waste energy. If the cooling capacity is too small it will be harder to achieve comfortable temperatures and the unit will have to work more, thus increasing your energy bill.

    United Air Conditioning has the systems you need for your home or office. Our technicians are also trained and experienced in the installation of different kinds of air conditioners. They can also help you to select the air conditioner that is the right size for your needs and budget. Contact us today at 727-531-0496 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

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