Signs of Leaky Duct Work

Signs of Leaky Duct Work

It’s hard to know how your ducts are performing when they’re out of sight in your attic, but the fact that they carry 100 percent of your home’s heated or cooled air means you need to be sure they’re doing their job. Leaky ducts have been known to add up to 30 percent to heating and cooling bills. To ensure your HVAC system is running at maximum energy efficiency, make sure that your ducts are in top shape.

How to Know if You Have Leaky Air Ducts

Your ducts may be hidden in your ceiling, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to know if your ducts are leaking. Here are some of the most common symptoms of leaky ducts:

  • Increased energy bills. When your ducts are leaky, heated or cooled air is pumped into your attic and between your walls. This means it takes longer for your HVAC system to heat or cool the living spaces of your home. If your energy bills are unexpectedly higher, leaky ducts may be the cause.
  • One room is hotter or colder. Your duct system is a series of tubes spread out from your central blower much like the branches of a tree. Joints where your ducts split to different areas of your home are a common source of duct leaks. A hotter or colder room may mean there’s a leak on the route to that room preventing adequate air from reaching it.
  • Dust. Sometimes leaks pull air in instead of leaking it out. When this happens, dust from your attic is often pulled into your ducts. If you have dusty rooms and your air filter is in good shape, leaky ducts are the next most likely cause.

Air Duct Repair

Many duct leaks can be found by a visual inspection, but there are many others that cannot because they are too small or are in hard to reach areas of your attic. A professional duct leak inspection can find all the leaks in your duct system by using a blower door test to measure the air pressure in your duct system. Unexpected readings mean that leaks are changing your air flow.

Once leaks are found, air duct repair is a relatively simple process. We will seal each hole using specially designed tape or sealant and then test your duct system again to ensure all leaks were sealed. While you may be tempted to attempt a repair yourself, it’s difficult to ensure you’ll be able to locate and seal all leaks. Duct tape and other common do-it-yourself repair techniques also rarely hold as long as a professional job.

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