Programmable Thermostats Help You to Save Energy

Programmable Thermostats Help You to Save Energy

Everyone loves this time of the year for many reasons. Especially in hot regions like Florida, it means an end to months of searing heat and humidity. No matter the weather, a programmable thermostat is a very effective way to maintain constant and more comfortable temperatures inside your Largo-area home, and help you to lower your energy bills as well.

Selecting the Right Programmable Thermostat

There are a variety of programmable thermostats on the market, with different styles, features, and price ranges. The thermostat you choose should also work for your schedule:

  • A 7-day model offers more flexibility and is great for any household where there is a different schedule for each day.
  • A 5+2-model is good for households that have a set schedule during the week and another on weekends. You can set the same program for Monday through Friday and another program for Saturday and Sunday.
  • A 5-1-1-model allows you to use the same program for Monday through Friday, another program for Saturday, and a different schedule for Sunday.

Being able to program your thermostat according to your schedule will increase your comfort throughout the day. This also results in more efficient use of your HVAC system for greater energy savings.

Increasing Energy Savings

Regardless of which model you use, different temperatures are recommended throughout the day to maximize energy savings:

  • Wake time – set the thermostat so you wake up to more comfortable temperatures as your activities increase.
  • Away time – during the day when no is home, there is no reason to have the temperatures set to optimum cooling and heating levels. This results in wasted energy.
  • Evenings – set the thermostat for more comfortable temperatures when persons start arriving home, and so that temperatures will be more comfortable as activities increase.
  • Sleep time – at night if you increase the thermostat setting in the hot months and decrease it in colder months, you will realize more energy savings as well.

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