Need Furnace Repair in Largo? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Need Furnace Repair in Largo? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Even the beautiful, sunny towns of Largo and Palm Harbor have nights that dip below 40 degrees. If you are one of the lucky folks who, when you finally turn your furnace on nothing happens, you may just some simple DIY solutions to solve your issue. The first thing you will need to do is identify three parts of the furnace: thermostat, air filter, and ignition. Once you have found these three items you may proceed to read through the handy troubleshooting tips to jumpstart your heating system before you call your friendly furnace repair person.


Check to see that your thermostat is set for heating and the system is “on.” Turn it up a few degrees to see if it starts the furnace. Some thermostats use batteries instead being hard-wired into the home. Although most have a low-battery warning light, yours may not. Change the batteries to see if that starts the system. When the thermostat is set as it should be, look inside the air handler for the furnace “on” switch and make sure the circuit breaker in the breaker box is also on. If not, reset it.

Air Filters

Gas furnaces have safety switches built-in that will turn your system off when your filter becomes too dirty. When there is not enough air blowing through the air handler, the furnace will overheat, creating a safety hazard that triggers this shut-off switch. If you notice excessive dirt in the air handler, you may want to call your HVAC provider for a thorough cleaning. Cleaning or changing out your filter will also save you money. Too much dust inside your system will drive up energy consumption and wear the parts faster.

Ignition Problems

If your furnace is old, it may have a pilot light that needs to be relit. Over time, the pilot can get dirty, as can the thermocouple. The pilot heats the thermocouple and acts as a safety device. When the thermocouple cools, it shuts off the gas supply. Cleaning and relighting the pilot might just solve your problem. If your furnace uses electronic ignition, you may need to reset the electronic igniter. If that doesn’t start the system, the part may need to be replaced.

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