Safety Harbor Air Conditioning Repair & Service

With its tree-lined streets and small-town atmosphere, Safety Harbor is a rare gem among the heavily developed neighborhoods of Pinellas County, and the city’s residents are rightfully proud of their tight-knit community. Nestled against the banks of Upper Tampa Bay, Safety Harbor provides a comfortable, homey setting from which visitors and locals can enjoy all the activities that its bayside location has to offer.

History of Safety Harbor

For millennia, life in the Safety Harbor region has revolved around the bay. Multiple Stone-Age artifacts have been found throughout the area. As recently as 2008, a 6,000-year-old spearhead was discovered within the 9.5-acre Marshall Street Park. Numerous artifacts of native people have been unearthed in the region as well. Phillipe Park is home to an ancient burial mound constructed by Native Americans. The Tocobaga people were still living in the region when Europeans arrived in the early 1500s.

In 1539, stories of Ponce De Leon’s search for the “Fountain of Youth” led Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto to the location that today is home to the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, one of Safety Harbor’s star attractions. De Soto called the natural springs that he found there Espiritu Santo Springs or “Springs of the Holy Spirit,” and during the 20th century, the water was marketed as a curative beverage and shipped all over the country. In 2012, the resort sold 13 acres of its waterfront property to the city to be developed as a public park. The Waterfront Park is now under construction next to the 174-room resort.

Safety Harbor Demographics

During the 18th century, pirates sailed the seas around Florida, and local ships remained under threat until they reached the “safe harbor” of Tampa Bay. Over time, the region’s name evolved into Safety Harbor. The city was incorporated in 1917. Safety Harbor’s population currently stands at around 17,000, with around 7,000 households living within the city’s limits. More than half of the households are married couples, and around one quarter are families with children under the age of 18. The population’s age distribution is fairly evenly divided, with a median age of 42 years. The city’s commitment to community means that people of all ages can enjoy life in Safety Harbor.

Community Attractions

Much of Safety Harbor’s colorful history is on display at the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center. Guided tours for groups up to 40 are available for a nominal fee. The cultural center also plays host to many cultural events and activities, as do the city’s other community centers. From food festivals and craft classes to sports activities and musical concerts, there’s always something fun going on in this community-conscious city. For those who prefer outdoor explorations, the Marina Park offers multiple opportunities, whether it’s fishing from the pier, boating on the bay or strolling along the shoreline.

United Air Conditioning in Safety Harbor, Florida

For more than 50 years, United Air Conditioning has provided heating and air conditioning services, installations and repairs to homes and businesses in Safety Harbor and to other communities in the Tampa Bay area. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering quality products and exceptional customer services. With our fully stocked fleet of service vehicles and our highly trained team of HVAC professionals, we’re ready to tackle any job, big or small.

Whether you need an emergency air conditioning repair on a sweltering summer day or you’d like to schedule preventive air conditioning service to keep your commercial system operating at peak efficiency, you can be confident that the job will be performed properly when you select United Air Conditioning to meet your comfort needs.