Largo Air conditioning Repair & Service

History of Largo

The Tocobaga people group initially populated the area now known as Largo, a community located on the Pinellas Peninsula of Florida. Spanish settlers arrived in the 16th century, and much of the Tocobaga population disappeared due to European diseases and activities. Possession of the area fluctuated between Spain and The United Kingdom, with the United States taking ownership in 1821. The agricultural influences in the area included ranching and citrus farming. In fact, the community was once known as Citrus City.

The incorporation of Largo, FL, in 1905 preceded the community’s becoming the first municipality in Pinellas County, an event which occurred just eight years later. The designation as town and city has changed several times, with the most recent change in 1974 when the community once again became a city. The area’s greatest growth began after World War II, and from 1960 to 2005, the population increased from 5,000 to 70,000.

Largo Demographics

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Largo’s population is 77,648. One-fourth of the population exceeds 65 years of age while 15.6 percent of the population is under the age of 18. Stability in the community is reflected through 82 percent of residents living in the same home for at least one year or more. Nearly 60 percent of residents own their homes. 87.2 percent of residents over the age of 25 have graduated from high school, and 19.1 percent of these individuals possess a bachelor’s degree or greater. The median home value is $101,600, and the median household income is $40,634.

Education in Largo

Largo students and families are served by Pinellas County Schools. Seven of the district’s elementary schools, including a school equipped with a center for gifted studies, are located in Largo. Two middle schools and two high schools also serve the community. Pinellas County Schools offers a virtual school as well, addressing the needs and interests of those who may benefit from a technology-driven approach to education. Additionally, parents in the community have access to more than 30 private schools and six charter schools to meet the educational needs of their children.

Residents interested in post-secondary studies have access to at least 13 public and private institutions with a 125-mile radius of the city. These include small, private colleges like Eckerd College, located only 10 miles from Largo. They also include public institutions like University of South Florida, located in nearby Tampa.

Largo Services and Activities

Residents and visitors in Largo have access to a wide variety of services and activities. There are numerous parks and recreational facilities to encourage an active lifestyle throughout the year. The Largo Public Library provides access to a wide range of reading materials, classes and programs. Largo Central Park hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, and the Largo Cultural Center draws headliners who are known on a national level. In addition to many museums, visitors and locals can enjoy botanical gardens and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in the area.

Air Conditioning Service in Largo

Residents of Largo will find that it is important to pay careful attention to their HVAC equipment throughout the year. While winters tend to be warmer on the peninsula than on mainland Florida, heating activity may be required at times. Excellent cooling performance is a priority during the humid summer months. Air conditioning repair can be an emergency concern during the height of the summer cooling season. However, a trusted HVAC contractor on hand for air conditioning service in Largo prior to potential problems can limit the impact of such system malfunctions.

United Air Conditioning is an HVAC contractor that provides important preventive services in addition to heating and air conditioning repair. Fine-tuning an air conditioner prior to the onset of summer heat and humidity can ensure that equipment is functioning correctly for critical comfort control and humidity management in a residence. Call us for your heating and cooling needs today.