It’s time: when to call an HVAC pro

It’s time: when to call an HVAC pro

As Floridians, we use our air conditioners as much if not more so than anyone else in the country. With that comes a lot of experience relative to the ups and downs of our HVAC system. Any system that runs that much will inevitably go through its peaks and valleys and have periods of time where maintenance is a must.

However, as you can guess, some problems are worse than others. Today, we’re going to break down the signs and symptoms that you might have something seriously wrong – to the point where you’ll need to call a professional as soon as possible.

Let’s jump right in.

Low air flow

If you’re feeling around the vent in your air conditioner and you’re feeling the same cool air, but that it’s only trickling out – you might have a serious issue. What this means is that cold air is trapped or leaking out somewhere else in your system. Sometimes it’s as simple as a clogged air filter but other issues like leaking ductwork can lead to some big problems if it’s not addressed immediately.

Less cooling

If your HVAC system isn’t cooling your space – then it’s not doing its job and it’s time to call a pro! Reduced cooling is a bad sign, but can be the result of any number of problems, from leaking refrigerant, malfunctioning components or faulty ductwork. The silver lining is that the lack of cool air coming out of your vents is an easy sign to recognize and if you do, you should place a call to your HVAC pro immediately.

Strange noises

Weird noises are usually because, well – something weird is afoot. It can be a buzz, hum, moan or clang – whatever it is – if it’s not matching the usual sounds of your system, then it’s probably cause for some concern on your part. Again – it’s time to pick up your phone!

Unusually high utility bills

Sometimes the hint that something is wrong doesn’t come until you get your bill at the end of the month and the number at the end is gigantic. High bills usually mean your system isn’t running efficiently. Sometimes these issues can be from relatively minor things like unkempt air filters and obstructions. Other times, they can be major malfunctions within the system as well that is causing the system work overtime to produce a quarter of the result. While there are a few things you can check out yourself, the chances are the problem will be something significant and you’ll need help in order to correct.

So the next time you feel or see one of these symptoms, it’s immediately time to call a pro. While sure, there might be the odd circumstance where the issue might not be that bad – these signs are usually an indicator that something might be seriously wrong. Call in and get a pro to take a look!