HVAC myths that can cost you money

HVAC myths that can cost you money

It’s no secret to most that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Sadly, in our world of HVAC – we aren’t immune to that. The issue with our industry though – is that believing some of these myths can cost our customers a lot of money over the long haul.

Today’s blog is about a few of the silly myths that are out there and what the reality really is – so you can make a more informed decision and not make the mistake of believing an urban myth. Let’s jump right in!

Any refrigerant can work in you AC

With R-22 essentially going off the market, some folks are seeing the cost of refilling refrigerant go up. It’s caused some people to simply look for cost-effective alternatives on their own. This will not only cause damage to your air conditioner, but it can eve nullify a warranty. And when that warranty is nullified and something goes catastrophically wrong, then you’ll end up pay a lot more money in repairs.

You can skip maintenance

Your AC is running fine! Why spend the money on a tune-up when you don’t need to? Well let’s put it this way. Your average tune up per year will cost you about $80 give or take. Your average repair is about $500. Which would you rather pay? Also, maintenance has now – in many cases – become part of warranties. So if you’re not keeping your AC in good condition, the warranty won’t count and it could potentially cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

It costs more to keep your thermostat up when you’re not at home

Believe it or not, it will increase your bill to leave your thermostat at a cooler temperature through the day than it would to heat it at another 10 degrees. Sounds crazy – but it’s the truth. And if you need to cool your home when you get back, it won’t take much too immediately bring the temperature down. This can save you a significant chunk of change.

Fans will keep your home cool

Fans can help keep you cool, but they won’t lower the temperature of a home by themselves. Believe it or not – they actually increase the temperature of your home. The motor that your fan has generates heat and puts heat into the air of your home. Fans will help level the temperature by circulating, but unless there’s a person under the fan to feel the breeze – it won’t be cooling anyone. Instead, it’ll just be blowing through energy and causing you to spend a lot of money.

Turning down the temperature cools a room faster

It 100% does not. Decreasing your temperature by too much just makes your AC run longer and it won’t get colder faster. If it’s on 78 and you want it to be 74 – then you set it at 74 and then when it gets there, it’ll shut off. Butting it on 72 won’t make it cool faster and just causes your system to run longer while trying to even out the temperature. That’ll end up costing you more money.


Consider these tips when you’re running your air conditioner and hopefully you’ll see lower utility bills at the end of the month. Good luck!