Are you having humidity issues?

Living in Florida – it’s just a given that humidity is a part of our lives. New Englanders deal with snow, Midwesterners get Tornados and drought, Westerners get to deal with Earthquakes – and we get the heat.

And the heat is usually great! Who doesn’t like going outside all the time, the lush plant life all around us and we get to enjoy the beach almost year-round! But with that comes some sacrifices and things that we have to deal with and the toll that humidity can take on structures – and in this case – our AC units – can be substantial.

Here are some ways humidity can adversely effect your HVAC system and what you can do to combat it. Let’s jump right in!


Mold is rough stuff. Humidity means that the air is dull of moisture and when you get excess moisture in tight spaces, you’re literally priming the old pump for mold growth. And once it shows up – it can grow quickly and do a ton of damage – not only to your AC, but to your home’s air quality as well. For people with allergies – this can be particularly problematic.



The more moisture there is in the air, the more work your AC unit has to do to remove it. The more work your AC has to do – the more wear and tear it takes on. The more wear and tear – the chances are you’ll have more things malfunction or go wrong. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re on an ongoing maintenance plan – especially when you live in a place like we do!

Dust mites


When people think of dust mites, they often make the mistake of thinking that they’re something that happens in dry temperatures because when we think ‘dust’ we think ‘dry’. That’s actually not true Dust Mites LOVE themselves a little humidity and will make a b-line to your AC filters. They’re a massive problem, too – because not only will they spread through your home quickly, but also they can actually clog your air filter.

And when your filter is clogged, that just puts more pressure on your AC Unit. The ripple effect of issues just simply progresses from there.

The way to combat all of these is to just be smart about how you manage the AC in your home. Try to keep your humidity between 30 and 50% and make sure you spend a little extra money on a high-efficiency air filter (often called a HEPA filter). This will prevent moisture from establishing itself inside your system and will also help you keep any potential baddies from traveling throughout your system.

Humidity can be difficult to grapple with, but staying ahead of things and keeping up an ongoing dialogue with your HVAC pro can go a long ways towards preventing problems before they arise. Good luck!

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