Home Florida Homeowners Can Void an HVAC Warranty Without Realizing It

Home Florida Homeowners Can Void an HVAC Warranty Without Realizing It

voiding an HVAC warrantyWhen you purchase an HVAC system in the Largo area, it should come with a warranty. Warranties give homeowners peace of mind knowing that any faulty parts can be replaced. What you may not realize is that warranties are full of fine print, and can be voided if their terms aren’t followed to the letter. Additionally, there are steps you need to take after your purchase to ensure you get the full protection offered by the warranty’s terms. Get the facts on not voiding an HVAC warranty so you know what to expect and what’s expected of you.

Warranty Registration

Usually, you will need to register your warranty with the company. Generally, you’ll have a certain amount of time to register before the warranty’s terms are void or are significantly reduced. The best way to avoid this happening is to register your system right after purchase. This can be done online in most cases.

HVAC System Installation

It’s vital that you hire a professional technician from a reputable company to install your new HVAC system. Not only will this aid in the proper operation, energy-saving ability and comfort level of your system, it will fulfill one of the most important expectations of the typical warranty – you must have it installed by a qualified technician.

Replacement Parts

Often times people will use cheaper, off-brand parts when repair work is needed with their HVAC equipment, but doing so could make their warranty useless. Additionally, any parts that need replacement should only be installed by a pro.

Regular Maintenance

HVAC system manufacturers won’t foot the bill for equipment that hasn’t received the care it needs; therefore, it’s important to schedule annual system tune-ups with a pro. Regular maintenance also means a more energy-efficient system and lowered utility costs, fewer repair jobs, longer system life and improved indoor air quality.

Proof of Maintenance

It’s not enough to simply schedule maintenance appointments; make sure you keep records that you have done so to keep the warranty intact.

For more information on voiding an HVAC warranty, and to how to protect yours, please contact us United Air Conditioning. We provide superior HVAC services in the Largo area.

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