Heating your garage in the winter

Heating your garage in the winter

Whether or not you’re a person who likes to spend a lot of time in their garage or not, having one comes with a whole host of benefits.

For one, having a warm car is fantastic, but things like mowers, leaf blowers and other mechanical things that call your garage home will run better as well. In addition, your car will have to deal with a whole lot less wear and tear not having to worry about being exposed to the elements all the time.

Keeping your garage space warm in the winter however – can be a challenge for some. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your garage gets warm and stays that way when the temperatures go down.

Let’s jump right in!


The best way to ensure warmth and lessen heat loss is to invest in insulation. It’ll help keep the temperature in your garage much warmer than it is outside.

Check all of your weather stripping and caulking

When weather stripping cracks or you find gaps in between windows and doors, it can cause a lot of cold drafts in your garage. Not only is this bad for heat loss, but your furnace will have to work that much harder to try and keep a normal temperature. That means you’ll be dealing with a hefty heating bill at the end of the month!

Make sure you scrape away the old stripping and replace it with new stuff. Also get rid of any worn caulk and other sealants and re-seal it.

Space heaters can be your friend.

Space heaters are inexpensive and also help you avoid not only a large-scale install, but are easy to pack up, put away and move around. Not only will you have heat when you need it, but you’ll be able to put it away and forget it when you don’t.

Be mindful of how much energy you’re using

If you’re not someone who spends a lot of time in the garage, don’t feel as if it’s a place in your home that has to be heated all the time. It’s nice to have it heated. It’s better if it is than if it isn’t. But don’t go crazy trying to heat something you don’t use a ton. Any decisions you make need to be made with actual usage in mind.