Fall Home Maintenance Tasks for Your To-Do List

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks for Your To-Do List

fall home maintenanceNow that the hot weather is easing up a bit, it’s time to create your own to-do list for your fall home maintenance. The great news is that we’ve done much of the research for you already, which is how we’ve compiled these helpful tips.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

  • Time for a tune-up – You should have your heating equipment serviced once a year to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Plus, this prolongs its lifespan and prevents big problems from cropping up. So pick up the phone and hire an HVAC technician for the job when the new season starts. If you use a heat pump for both cooling and heating, now’s a good time for semi-annual maintenance.
  • Remove dust to keep air flowing – Dust can accumulate during any season, so be sure to clean the dust out from your dryer vent, baseboard heaters, cold-air returns, ceiling and floor fans, stove hood, and any other locations you can think of. This will improve the efficiency of both your heating and cooling equipment.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior – With the weather cooling off outside, take the opportunity to fix exterior problems such as peeling paint, damaged bricks or stucco, etc. Also check any outdoor electrical outlets to ensure that they’re watertight.
  • Check up high – Gutters and downspouts become clogged by various types of debris. Take the time to clean these thoroughly to prevent any future problems. Cut back any overhanging branches or fronds from around your home.
  • Add insulation – If your outside walls, attic or basement are short on insulation, add some right away. This will help keep in the heat during the colder months that are on their way, but more importantly, it will keep out the heat during the much longer cooling season in the Tampa-Clearwater area. If you don’t know what insulation to add, ask a professional.

For more expert advice on fall home maintenance, or if you have other home comfort questions, contact the professionals at United Air Conditioning. We’ve been serving the heating and cooling needs of Largo and the surrounding area since 1961.

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