Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Are Great for Cosmetic Upgrades

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Are Great for Cosmetic Upgrades

United Air ConditioningIf you like your home air conditioning to be out of sight and out of mind or prefer a sleek look for your system, the ductless mini split was made for you. Whether you’re adding a room or switching out your old window A/C units for something better, you’ll find that the ductless system offers a variety of cosmetic advantages.  If interior design is important to you, you’ll enjoy the options that a ductless mini split system affords.

Versatile Mini Splits Adapt to Interior Design Needs

The typical indoor component of a ductless air conditioning system, the air handling unit or AHU, features a sleek, high-tech appearance. The AHU is compact and inconspicuous, and a remote control allows you to turn control the system easily, no matter where it’s installed. Homeowners who opt for a ductless system can avoid the need to remodel a space just to accommodate a comfort system with bulky ducts. With a ductless mini split, you also avoid having lots of holes and vents in the walls, as well as the cost and inconvenience of duct installation.

Configuration Options

The indoor air handlers of your ductless mini split system may be located above your line of sight. You could also opt to mount the indoor unit flush with the ceiling or conceal it in a drop ceiling. You might even consider hanging the the mini split on the wall or choose a recessed installation. If you prefer, floor-standing units are also available.

As for the outdoor compressor, it can be placed far enough away to keep your indoor environment quiet and peaceful. Several indoor AHUs can be attached to a single compressor for added convenience.

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