Do you repair it? Or do you replace it?

Do you repair it? Or do you replace it?

While routine maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your HVAC system and prevent problems from popping up; it’s not a panacea and inevitably you’re going to have to replace something. Sometimes it’s a freak accident that causes something to go awry or sometimes it’s just old age that catches up. Whatever it is, these things aren’t unavoidable and eventually we’re going to have to ask ourselves – is it time to replace my unit or simply repair it?

Answering that question isn’t easy because there are a whole myriad of factors involved. Today, we’re going to help you identify some key points to consider when making your decision so that finding the answer isn’t such an ambiguous task.

Let’s jump right in!


Age is a big factor in determining whether to replace something. Even if your units manage to work past their life expectancies, they’re still likely to be riddled with inefficiencies by then. While they might be getting the job done, they might be doing so while using more energy than necessary to do it – and in the process costing you a lot of money.

Energy ratings

Technology has made some major advances in the past few years. While you’re not required to comply with any of it – they do serve as a helpful guidepost to determine where your system is at. If your system isn’t anywhere near or at today’s minimum requirements, then maybe it’s time to consider a change.


Just like when you have something go wrong with an older car – you’ll have to ask yourself if the cost of repairs and continued operation are worth it over just buying a new system. Is it worth it to incur a little extra cost up front so you can make it a little financially more sustainable to purchase a new unit down the road? Expenses aren’t – and shouldn’t be looked at as the simple cost of a system itself.


Does your HVAC system break down a lot? If it is, then it’s probably time to move on. Just like automobiles, your HVAC system is made up of parts that unfortunately have a shelf life. When they’re done, they’re done and they’re not cheap to replace. The more things that go – the more expensive everything is going to get. Is it ultimately worth both the cash and the headache to keep and old system going long enough for the next big thing to fail?

If you’re still stuck and need some extra assistance, we’re happy to come by and give you a free consultation. We can look at your unit, give you an honest assessment and help you chart a path forward. Until then, good luck with your big decision!