Are Your Ceiling Fans Turning Toward Energy Efficiency?

Are Your Ceiling Fans Turning Toward Energy Efficiency?

ceiling fansIf you have reversible ceiling fans in your home and use them in the winter, you may need to change the direction the blades spin for summertime cooling. A switch on the fan’s housing indicates that the fan can be set for summer and winter use. Leaving it in the winter setting will actually make a room warmer.

Changing the Direction

The switch should be in the “forward” position for summer and in the “reverse” setting for winter use. You can check the setting by standing under the fan when the blades are spinning at their lowest speed and observe the direction they turn. If they’re going counterclockwise, the fan is set for summer. When they turn clockwise, they’re in the winter position.

Not changing the blade direction from the reverse setting will actually pull warmer air down from the ceiling. Switching the bladesĀ for cooling doesn’t actually drop the air temperature, but moves the air just below the blades down. Turning the fan off when you leave the room will also help you cut energy costs, since fans only cool you, not the air.


A ceiling fan does more than just move air. In the summer, you can set the thermostat to a warmer temperature and still feel comfortable because of the cooling effect on your skin. Given our long, hot summers, fans are one of the most effective and energy efficient ways to keep cooling bills reasonable.

The fans also help circulate the fresher air near the ceiling that mitigates some of the stuffiness caused by keeping doors and windows closed for the cooling season. It’s also helpful to wash the dust off the blades before and during the cooling season to keep air quality higher.

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