How A/C Maintenance Reduces Spring Allergies

How A/C Maintenance Reduces Spring Allergies

A/C Maintenance Reduces Spring AllergiesSpring is in the air and so are a multitude of common allergens that cause watery eyes, clogged sinuses and heavy congestion. However, your home’s indoor air can harbor more than its fair share of allergens. Dust, pet dander and pollen are just a few of the many types of irritants potentially circulating through your cooling system. Regular A/C maintenance can help reduce spring allergens while improving the performance and efficiency of your system.

Regular A/C Maintenance Helps Reduce Allergies

Regular A/C maintenance isn’t just important for staying cool throughout the warm weather season. Through normal, routine cleaning and inspection, your contractor can proactively reduce the spread of indoor allergens in your home. Here are a few examples of how A/C maintenance can help reduce spring allergens and improve overall efficiency:

  • Air filters: One of the most important maintenance tasks that you and your contractor can perform is routine cleaning or replacement of your system’s air filters. A dirty, clogged air filter not only reduces overall system efficiency by blocking airflow, but it can also allow dirty air to bypass the filter and introduce allergens directly into the cooling system.
  • Evaporator coils: Cleaning the A/C coils is yet another important maintenance task. Over time, the indoor evaporator coil can become coated with dirt, mold and other allergy-triggering irritants. Keeping the coils clean helps improve indoor air quality as well as system efficiency and performance.
  • Ductwork: Making sure the ductwork is free of flaws that could introduce dirty air into living spaces is also an important maintenance task. Cracks, holes and gaps can suck dirty air from unconditioned spaces into the ducts and circulate it throughout the home. Making sure the ductwork is properly sealed and free of defects is crucial for home comfort and system efficiency.

A spring cleaning may be just the thing you need to keep your home’s indoor air healthful and your A/C system performing at its best. Contact the professionals at United Air Conditioning to find out more about how A/C maintenance can help reduce spring allergens.

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