5 Quick Tips for Addressing Air Conditioner Problems

5 Quick Tips for Addressing Air Conditioner Problems

troubleshooting A/C problemsAir conditioners are sophisticated equipment that require all components and parts clicking on all cylinders to cool properly. Problems with airflow, thermostat functions, refrigerant performance and more can raise temperatures in your Largo home quickly. Try our quick troubleshooting tips to help identify and address some simple issues.

Thermostat Problems

If your air conditioner isn’t turning on, make sure it’s in “cool” mode and set above room temperature. If it is on, but delays too long before cooling cycle begins, it may be the thermostat heat anticipator. Remove the cover. Look for a short metal switch with a pointed tip. Move it one click.


Quick-cycling is certainly a comfort issue, and there are many causes. Check all registers to ensure they’re open and clean. If the air filter is dirty, clean or replace it. A clogged filter can cause a blower motor to fail, shake ducts, trip the limit switch and increase cooling bills up to 15 percent.

Condenser Blockages

The condenser coil is located in the outdoor cabinet with the compressor. Clean debris from around the cabinet that may be blocking airflow. Wash the cabinet out every two months to keep the condenser clean. It can’t expel heat energy well if it’s dirty. Spray the compressor, too. It can overheat if it gets too dirty.

Leaky Air Conditioner

Air conditioners produce a lot of condensate that must be properly drained. If your air handler is leaking water, open it up and check the drip pan. If it’s clogged, pour a cup of bleach in it to kill off algae and other microorganisms. If that doesn’t work, call your HVAC tech before water damage occurs.

Cycling problems

Air conditioners should be sized to match the cooling load of the home. If you’ve added on to your home or retrofitted rooms, you may be taxing the A/C beyond its output. Work with your HVAC pro for the best solution for right-sizing your AC system.

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