Simple Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

Simple Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

It is easy to underestimate the importance of using an air conditioning system effectively. Taking care of your A/C will help you to lower energy bills and reduce wear and tear on your system. There are simple and effective ways that you can save on cooling costs this summer with routine maintenance, and proper use of your air conditioning system. You will be able to lower your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.


When the air conditioning system is used excessively the filter will need to be checked regularly. Monthly checks might be necessary on some types. A dirty filter can significantly reduce the A/Cs efficiency. Dirt slows the airflow through the air handler, making it run longer in order to cool your home based on the thermostat’s setting. The extra running time adds wear on the system and consumes more electricity.

Keep the outdoor condensing unit free of clutter or vegetation. The condenser needs unrestricted airflow in order to lose the heat the refrigerant collects from your home. Occasionally look at the condition of the coil by peering through the condenser. If you see dust or grass clippings, gently hose them off.

Annual professional service improves A/C efficiency, which will save on cooling costs and extend the life of your system. HVAC professionals go through the entire system, cleaning and adjusting all parts as necessary, checking refrigerant levels, and lubricating the motors. They also spot small problems and fix them before they escalate.

The annual inspection may also turn up ductwork leaks that drive up cooling bills. Leaks can happen at any time and you will lose the conditioned air to the attic or walls. Your indoor air quality may also suffer.

Getting the Most From the System

Installing a programmable thermostat makes sense if you are away routinely for extended periods. Each degree you increase the temperature while you are away, shaves off the cost of cooling your home. These thermostats will ensure you return home to comfortable temperatures.

The pros at United Air Conditioning can help you to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Whether you need or a service call or a new system, we are here to serve your HVAC needs. Give us a call at 727-531-0496 for more information.

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