4 Household Items High Humidity Can Damage

4 Household Items High Humidity Can Damage

Humidity is a constant in Largo, Florida, even when the days get colder. You may have learned to adapt to it, but that doesn’t mean the items in your home are faring any better. You may not even realize the damage humidity has done until it’s too late. Keeping humidity levels in your home consistent or at ideal levels is essential to preserving some of your favorite records, clothes, furniture, and electronics.

Your Vinyl Collection

Humidity in your home paired with heat is terrible for vinyl records. The high heat (which humidity exacerbates) will warp the vinyl itself, making your records unplayable. The high moisture level also ruins the albums’ covers. They might shrink, wrinkle, or even start to get moldy.


Too much moisture creates mold and mildew, and textiles are a favorite place for those spores to land and multiply. If you’ve ever put towels or sheets away while still slightly damp from the dryer, only to notice a musty odor on them later, the mildew process is well underway. Unfortunately, if your closet or bedroom is humid, even dry clothes can collect mildew.

Antique Wood

Wood furniture expands and contracts thanks to temperature and moisture changes in the air. If this happens often enough, cracks, weak spots, and warping start to appear in the wood. Because wood in older homes has already weathered so many seasons, it’s more susceptible to damage.


Water is bad for electronics. Humidity is high evaporated water content in the air, so you can imagine the havoc that high moisture levels will wreak on your electronics over time. High humidity, combined with internal temperature changes, causes condensation to build up inside your electronics and slowly damage them. Unfortunately, low humidity from electric heat causes static that also damages electronics.

Keep the moisture level in your home consistent by using the right HVAC solutions. When your air conditioner is properly maintained, it works to combat the high moisture levels in your home. You can increase HVAC efficiency by scheduling regular maintenance appointments, cleaning filters, and using a dehumidifier. Call United Air today at 727-531-0496 for effective humidity solutions.

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