4 Energy-Saving Myths You Need to Know

4 Energy-Saving Myths You Need to Know

There are many ways in which Largo residents try to save energy. Some are effective, and others do little or nothing because they are based on incorrect information. Many myths about saving energy seem to make sense and actually sound as if they ought to be true. Unfortunately, they are not. Even worse, some of these energy-saving myths actually increase energy consumption and result in higher bills. The following myths could be affecting your comfort and your wallet:

Thermostat Settings

Low thermostat settings cool a hot house faster. Actually, the cooling process of an air conditioner functions at the same rate whether the thermostat is set five degrees below room temperature or 25 degrees below. In addition, by setting a super-low temperature as a shortcut, the AC will continue to run far below your normal comfort setting, resulting in more energy consumption.

AC Programming

Turning off the AC when you are away saves energy. Opinions in this regard actually vary, but there seem to be more reasons for keeping your AC on than off when you are away. It is true that running the air conditioner in an empty house all day wastes energy. However, a super-heated house also consumes a lot of energy in order to restore comfortable temperatures. Leaving the AC off is more practical if you are going to be away for extended periods. A programmable thermostat is a very effective tool for regulating temperatures and saving energy.

AC Vents

Closing AC vents in unused rooms conserves energy. Your air conditioner will continue to try to cool spaces regardless, using the same amount of energy to reach thermostat settings. In addition, closed vents create air imbalances that can push cool air outside and draw in hot outdoor air.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans cool rooms. Because ceiling fans are often recommended to help with air conditioning efficiency, many persons believe fans actually keep rooms cool. The wind-chill effect of ceiling fans generates the feeling of coolness on your body. They do not actually cool a room.

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