3 Advantages to Selecting a Ductless System for Your Largo Area Home

3 Advantages to Selecting a Ductless System for Your Largo Area Home

ductless systemsDuctless heat pumps and cooling systems offer Largo homeowners several design choices compared to traditional central cooling and heating systems. Whether you’re constructing a new energy-efficient home, retrofitting rooms or simply need a small space air conditioner, ductless systems offer advantages to serve these and many other air conditioning projects.

Versatile Installation Options

Perhaps the biggest advantage and attraction offered by ductless systems are their flexible installation options. The typical ductless mini split consists of a compact outdoor unit, an indoor air handling unit (AHU) and a long flexible conduit which your HVAC pro typically installs in a day.

The outdoor unit may be mounted to the exterior wall of a home or mounted to a firm foundation, such as a concrete slab or paver stones. The indoor AHU can be mounted to just about any wall, ceiling or floor surface in the home. The flexible conduit, which contains the power source, refrigerant lines and drain tubing, connects the outdoor unit to the AHU. The conduit is generally extended through inconspicuous areas in the home, such as walls, attic and crawl spaces.

No Ducts Save Space and Energy

Ductless mini splits are most often installed in existing homes as supplemental cooling and heating equipment for many different reasons. However, one common reason is that it’s easier to install an energy-efficient ductless system rather than extend bulky ductwork into new additions, retrofitted rooms or in homes with no air ducts. Ductless mini splits save valuable square footage and energy, while ductwork can waste energy if it’s not well maintained.

Interior Design Flexibility

Home cooling and heating are important, but so is interior design. With ductless mini splits, you don’t need to make special design accommodations for bulky ducts, diffusers and outlets.

  • In universal mounting, the AHU is mounted flush to any surface in the home.
  • Concealed mounting uses the cavities of walls, ceilings and floors to locate the AHU, and connects to flush-mounted outlets.
  • Recessed mounting in ceiling panels and walls offers a smooth look and easy component access.

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